About Us

Welcome to Helm Dancewear your new location to source Dancewear, Activewear and Accessories.

Helm Dancewear is based in Richmond, NSW Australia and was founded in 2014 by us two dance Mums who became tired of continually having to buy dancewear from America and be sometimes required to pay more for shipping than the product. We thought there had to be an easier way to put together your kids everyday studio looks, and that would be by being able to purchase it all at one place.

Here at Helm we believe everyone should have access to good quality, affordable, fun and funky dancewear. You should have great pieces available that you can mix match to suit your vibe for the day.

Owners Tara and Sharon (that's us) met when our youngest daughters began dancing at the same studio before they started school together.  We realised that there was a market for cool and creative designs, so working hard together as a team we've created our business. 

Where did the name Helm come from? Helm is named after our four daughters Holly, Estelle, Lily and Meg. We also love it's connotation of leading the way or being in control - something which so many young dancers aspire to.

We adore what we do, it is who we are!! We had a dream and its brought us this far!!

We hope you find our products as amazing as we believe they are - and we love feedback - contact us and tell us what you want if we don't have what you're looking for.

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If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us info@helmdancewear.com